Gaptuvalnya (Embroidery) – a method of embroidery with gold and silver threads.

Gaptuvaty (to tread) – to tread, to pave one’s own path.

 These two ways of using one word – literal and metaphorical – became the basis of the brand’s philosophy.

 Born in Ivano-Frankivsk, the embroidery brand Gaptuvalnya celebrates the originality of authentic Ukrainian embroidery. Created many generations ago, traditional patterns have much more than a purely aesthetic component – a manifesto of love for Ukrainian traditions and values. Right now, Ukrainians need this energy more than ever: connecting with ancestors and realizing their own identity can give them confidence in the future, give them hope and faith.

Natali Gergeliuk
Founder of the brand
Dress with embroidery

The founder of the brand Natalia Gergeliuk adopted the passion for embroidered clothes in her own family, inspired from childhood by the aesthetics and strength of traditional Ukrainian ornaments.

For us, ethnic clothing was considered festive and was worn very rarely. And when they took it out of the closet, it meant that there was a big holiday in the house, – explains the designer.

Gaptuvalnya emphasizes the appropriateness of a traditional embroidered shirt for any occasion.

Combining modern silhouettes and embroidery, the brand demonstrates that folk culture exists beyond time – it develops before our eyes and transforms with society. Clothing from Gaptuvalny does not require special occasions – it is designed to accompany you every day, at work and during leisure.

Because respect for one’s own cultural identity is unquestionably due to every Ukrainian.

Men's shirt with geometric embroidery