Belt “Star” (beige)


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The eight-pointed star (alatyr) is a very ancient positive symbol. The shape of the alatyr is an octagram – the projection of a rhombus onto a square, and their mutual intersection. Ideologically, it is a symbol of God the Creator, a symbol of Order and the Universe. It connects all sides of the world and denotes absolute balance, harmony and balance, having a powerful healing effect.

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We adhere to the principles of sustainable production: we use natural fabrics and are careful about the distribution of materials. Each of our items is one of a kind and is made by artisans with great love. We do not keep stock in the form of ready-made items. It takes 3-4 days to stitch. Therefore, the delivery time will be 5-7 days. Also, in some of our models, the lace and accessories may differ from the one you see in the photo.


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