Blouse with designer embroidery “Geometry”



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Linen blouse with designer geometric ornament.

A square in embroidery symbolizes perfection, harmony and inner peace. Ukrainians equated the square with the earth principle, with the symbol of fertility. Our ancestors considered the square a symbol of space isolated from evil thoughts. He was supposed to protect the hosts from various threats.

The circle on your embroidery is the primordial image of the sun, which gives us heavenly divine energy. It is also the infinity of life cycles, it is life that goes on without interruption. And the rhombus combines the feminine and masculine elements.


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We adhere to the principles of sustainable production: we use natural fabrics and are careful about the distribution of materials. Each of our items is one of a kind and is made by artisans with great love. We do not keep stock in the form of ready-made items. It takes 3-4 days to stitch. Therefore, the delivery time will be 5-7 days. Also, in some of our models, the lace and accessories may differ from the one you see in the photo.


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